Thursday, July 30, 2015

Chris Adler from Lamb of God discusses new Megadeth album!!

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Being a part of the Megadeth Cyber Army has many awesome benefits. Aside from meeting obsessive fans like yourself, you get to have chats with musicians in the band. Since Megadeth has recently announced that they are involving Chris Adler, and Kiko Laureano in the studio writing process for their 15th album, the cyber army gets the opportunity to chat with them. Not only that, but we also get free access to the site, which is where they release updates/ video samples of what they are recording.

Today, we talked with Chris Adler. What makes Chris Adler an awesome addition to the Megadeth writing process, is that he is a long time Megadeth fan himself. He knows what we all want to hear. Not only that, but we were also able to get some information on what he likes about Megadeth from a fan's perspective. 

From some of the questions asked, he stated that his favorite Megadeth drummer was "Gar," and when I asked him what his favorite Megadeth records were/are, he stated, 

"In order: Peace Sells, Rust in Peace, Countdown to Extinction."

I asked him,
"If you had to compare the sound of the album that you are working on [in the studio] with other Megadeth albums, in YOUR opinion [from a fellow fan's perspective], which album do you think it sounds the most similar to?"

He replied,
"The tunes are aggressive. It's hard to compare because I'm still busy being stoked that it’s me playing! lol. There is a vibe like Endgame with some great fast tempo tunes, but a lot of the structure stuff goes back to much earlier stuff. Several riffs sounded to me like they were right off [the album] ‘So Far, So Good, So What.' " 

I told him that I think it is going to be an awesome album, despite what the nay-sayers are complaining about, and he said,

"It's so hard to make everyone happy, you know? We deal with this in Lamb of God too. Dave [Mustaine] did a killer job writing these tunes and I think it will be a great addition to the catalog." 

He discusses how everyone is getting along great in the studio, that there is a really positive vibe, and that Dave is "really FUNNY" and has a "great sense of humor." Everyone is getting along so well, that he jokes about Megadeth changing the band name to "Good Buddy Hug Club." 

With Megadeth having announced that they will be touring with Lamb of God, I asked him if he will be pulling double duty since Megadeth has no official drummer confirmed as of yet. He replied with "Yes- Double duty :-) "

He also lets us know (per being asked) that Lamb of God will be doing a US tour next year, with "potentially a very special guest."

I know that from what I have heard and seen, this will be a very fast album. The beats per minute chart that they listed on are amazing. I do not think that anyone will be disappointed when they hear this record. As a fan of Nick Menza, and Marty Friedman, I must say that this is sounding pretty good without them so far! Kiko Laureano on guitars= phenomenal.

For more information on the new Megadeth album currently in the works, go to, and/or for further insider information, you can always join the Megadeth cyber army at

(Below is the print screened chat with some other fun things to read about the conversation. You have to right click the image, open in another tab, and zoom in to read it all.)

Peace [sells]!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Disney Princess Personality test in conjunction with the Myers-Briggs Typology Test ! Fun for kids.

I found this really cool photo that someone made, listing each Disney Princess as Myers-Briggs Personality Type test results. I think this is pretty fun, so I have been posting the link to the sample test so that people can see what their result is, and then compare it to the different Disney princesses :) I have always been a fan of Belle, she is my all time favorite, and she is an INTJ personality type. I took this test months ago for a psychology class of mine, and got the EXACT same results! Pretty interesting :p We are pretty much the same person ;) That is exciting. I made this photo huge, so to read the descriptions of them, right click on the photo, click "view image" and if you need it bigger, there is usually an icon at the top of your browser that allows you to zoom in more (usually you have to go to the "view" part of your toolbar at the top left). Have fun! Share your results!

Here is the link to the assessment-


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Vacation !

  Finally had 10 days paid vacation! Not only was this a paid vacation from work, but also vacation from school. I made sure to take it at the time my school went on break, that way I did not have to worry about ANYTHING. People always ask me, "So where are you going?" and my response is, 'NOWHERE!' I did not want to take a vacation that caused me to be on the go, go go, which is what my typical day consists of. I want to be able to chill for once. Relax. How can someone relax when they have to plan for this, be at the airport for that? Always on the move? Not for me; not right now anyway. Maybe later on after I get my PhD, but not while I am already on the go. I have so much I wanted to do at home, that leaving it to the same things I can do at home (like sunbathe, or swim) since I live in Florida, is ridiculous. Why travel hours away to do the same thing I can do here, with more time to relax? I am also a huge artistic person, with so much I want to work on since I have not had time for hobby projects. I don't know about other artistic people, but if I cannot work on something when I have the idea for it, it becomes all I think about, to the point I look forward for downtime, so that I can work on that project. With that said, I finally had time to play with some hobbies of mine that I have been craving to do. I am re-coloring a mirror I made, I am sculpting, learning how to knit, finally reading my last Dexter book (as seen in the photo above) and I love every bit of it. All, while relaxing at the same time. THIS, is vacation for me.

 I got to sleep so so much, that I love it. On a normal work/school day for me, I get about 4 hours of sleep nightly. I know that its horrible for my health, and i hate it, because I absolutely love my sleep (I even have a shirt that says, 'I'd rather be sleeping'). Sleep is so important to me.

I was finally able to play with my high powered microscope (yay!!), and got some amazing photos of what I saw, since it has a camera with it. I thought that I would share some of the photos, since I have not been able to post in a little while.

Pretty awesome! I love science. :p

A few more days left, and back to the nitty gritty of work and school life. Although, I cannot say that I am not learning while on vacation. Aside from playing with my microscope, I have also been watching documentaries. I cannot help it! I have to be learning something at all times. I can't just allow myself to sit around mindlessly. All of this was much needed though. When my sculpture is done, I just MIGHT share it on here. I dunno yet. :p

Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Megadeth Concert Experience (with pictures!)

BTW, all these pics are mine, taken from my dinky cell phone (that was dying) and some are square because I uploaded a few to Instagram, and the damn site makes me crop them square. -_- I would have rather had my Canon!! 

I just want to say that I was raised on Megadeth at a very young age, because all of the older cousins that I was around were all big in the 80's metal music scene. A common band that they all loved was Megadeth. This is how I got my first Megadeth CD (Youthanasia). As I got older, one of my cousins ended up giving that same album to me because he had two copies. Therefore, Youthanasia becomes a soundtrack to my childhood. At least that is how it feels when I listen to it. It brings me back to my youth. On top of that; I got very much into the CD "Countdown to Extinction." Those albums are my two favorites by them (of course I like all the others too- I mean, who can hate "Peace Sells”, or “Rust In Piece?").
I never had the opportunity to see them live, and then an awesome situation came up. One of my boyfriend’s ex-drummers (and mutual friend of ours) now plays for Fear Factory, and he has wanted my boyfriend to come out to a show. My boyfriend has always tried, but his work schedule/tour schedule made it hard. This time, the planets have aligned to where both of us had the day off of work, AND I found out they were playing with Megadeth (!!!EEP!!- there was NO advertising of the show by me- Which will change because I am in the Megadeth cyber army now). 

Their intro was awesome and exciting, all of their songs were heavy as hell, I was up by the front to the right, and was blown away (Dave even knelt and waved at us! I got a blurry pic of it -_- Stupid phone). During Peace Sells, they had Vic walk across the stage (which I obviously got a pic of) that was awesome. Vic is badass.
 When they played "A Tout Le Monde" (a song I have listened to thousands of times), I had this foreign feeling sweep across me. See, as I was young, this song never held a personal meaning to me, I just have always thought of it as a sad but beautiful song about a person who passed away. A few years ago my mom passed away via suicide, and I didn't know until I sang the song at the show, that it suddenly had meaning to me. Their LED screens were lit up with candles, and as they played the song, I got excited and started singing the words with them.
Suddenly I got overwhelmed with emotion when I noticed that the words matched my mom’s situation, and I just started crying. I was still trying to sing the song with tears running down my face, but it was hard to do. Not only that, but they played the song at the exact hour of her death, on the anniversary of her death. That was eerie. It almost felt as if my mother was talking to me through the song. I have never cried at a concert in my life, and that song brought it out of me.  The song now has a personal meaning, and hearing it live right in front of me, was a much more powerful experience than I had expected. That, mixed with the vibe that was set in the background (flickering candles), and the lyrics, I should have known it was going to happen. However, I did not, since I have never gotten emotional at a show before. It was so odd, but at the same time, releasing.

Of all of my favorite concerts that I have been to (Rammstein is my all-time favorite live show, because they are insane... Megadeth comes in a very VERY close second), this was the most personal, and the most emotionally powerful show I have ever been to. This show meant more to me than any other. Only AMAZING bands can do something like that to you. Two weeks later, I am still excited that I was there. They are amazing live, and I will be at another one! I love Dave Mustaine. I always have, and I always will. From everything I have seen/ read, he is an awesome person (It’s an added bonus that he is also a very beautiful person. :p <3). If you have not gone to a show of theirs yet, you are over-due for a much needed face shredding. HAHA!