Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Cell

My ALL TIME favorite movie EVER
Directed By Tarsem Singh (my favorite director ever).

I'm just so in love with this movie. Its a psychological thriller (which are my favorite types of movies). It has everything: drama, suspense, horror... and my fav (with the right amount), ACTION! It's also immensely artistic in so many different ways (my fav being the surrealism type). Since I'm an artist, it's imagery calls to me. Its probably the best eye candy I think you can ever have in a movie that isn't made for tripping on acid and other drugs (this would probably be too dark for that haha and you'd probably scare yourself if on drugs). Not only do the visuals give you a karate kick to the eyes, it also makes you think about how you'd react in those situations, as well as wondering (and maybe planning in discussion) how your world would look. Brings great conversations.
It's the #1 movie in my list that I always recommend people to see if never watched before. 
Side note: If i find out its too dark for some, then i recommend the movie (by the same director) "The fall" which is a straight drama, with equally as amazing art in it (and 1% CGI! crazy awesome if youve seen it, because u know how unworldly the movie looks in a lot of parts)
The Cell isn't a super uber adrenaline junkie action film (like the expendables lol), so if that's what you're into you may find this boring. Nor is this a super gore and/or slasher horror. It has good amounts of both.
It's mainly a very suspenseful creative drama.. I think if you are a fan of art that you will definitely love this movie.
Just look at some of the stills from the cell!!!!
 That's all I'm gonna put to save anything from being spoiled hehe. But look at how crazy it is! Every time I watch it, I'm always like "Wow. I WISH I made this movie.." lol

I have a huge love for Tarsem Singh. By far the best director ever after seeing all his other movies. His visions are insane, stories are original, I love how creative he is, and his attention to color is beautiful. MUAH. Big kiss for him.


  1. I thought you were going to talk about Stephen King's Cell. heh.
    Anyway, I'm interested to see this movie too. I like things that are psychological. This must be a good movie!

    1. It's my favorite movie ever, and definitely psychological :) Hope you liked it!